The design of the COBie Certified Professional™ Exam or any other certification program must be founded on solid educational principles. This design most often begins with a job-task analysis. The knowledge required to perform a given task is evaluated against Bloom's Taxonomy. The COBie Educational Curriculum is available on the downloads page.

Based on this analysis, delivery of building equipment information at construction handover (i.e. COBie) requires four types of knowledge.

  1. Nearly everyone working with COBie data will need to have a basic understanding of the COBie standard. They should be able to remember and summarize key technical aspects of the standard. This is "Foundation" level knowledge.
  2. Those producing COBie data within one company will need to learn how their specific set of software can be used to efficiently export or import COBie data. This is "Application" level knowledge.
  3. Those evaluating the quality of COBie deliverables, merging COBie data, or providing COBie training should be able to not only remember and summarize the technical aspects of the standard but also be able to apply, analyze, and evaluate the standard, deliverables, and associated business processes. This is "Practitioner" level knowledge.
  4. Those implementing COBie across multiple projects who wish to help ensure that every project requiring COBie is not yet another COBie pilot project will need to understand how to manage COBie use across project teams and clients. This is "Implementation" level knowledge.

buildingSMART international (BSI) supports the industry by providing examinations for the COBie Foundation and Practitioner levels. COBie Foundation support is provided directly by BSI Chapters. COBie Practitioner support is provided directly by BSI, through this website.

Do I need training?

To evaluate your readiness to complete either BSI exam, you should review the Learning Objective Summary available on the downloads page. You should be able to create and answer a few sample questions of your own under each relevant topic before you sit for the exam.

Those who have successfully completed the COBie Certified Professional™ Exam have delivered COBie on many projects over a period of years and can thus apply their detailed technical knowledge of the COBie standard to the problems presented in the exam.

Where can I get training?

The COBie Certified Professional™ Registered Training Providers page identifies programs that have demonstrated their coverage of Foundation and Practitioner level learning objectives.

How can I become a Registered Training Provider?

Given the need to support world-wide COBie use as quickly as possible, buildingSMART international directly administers the COBie Certified Professional™ Registered Training Provider Program.

The Registered Training Provider program was opened for applications in August 2020. Those interested in applying to become COBie Certified Professional™ Registered Training Providers may download the relevant policy document and application forms from the COBie Resources Downloads page.