The Principles of the COBie Certified Professional™ examination

The COBie Certified Professional™ examination is based on the highest relevant level of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning objectives summarized below:

P-1      Assess the application of the COBie data structure in context.

P-2      Analyze COBie regional customization.

P-3      Assess COBie best-practices during design.

P-4      Assess COBie best-practices during construction.

P-5      Assess COBie Quality Management practices.

P-6      Describe the relationship between COBie and IFC.

In addition to testing these advanced Practitioner objectives, the COBie Certified Professional exam also requires candidates to demonstrate mastery of COBie Foundation knowledge. These Foundational objectives are:

F-1 Describe the basis for COBie requirements.

F-2 Describe why COBie is needed.

F-3 Explain what is included in COBie.

F-4 Explain how COBie is organized.

F-5 Explain the COBie process.

Learning Objectives

The buildingSMART International COBie Education Curriculum identifies a set of Learning Objectives. To download a copy of the Learning Objective Summary and sample questions extracted from the curriculum click here.